Monday, October 16, 2017

Featuring Feathered Family at AISM: Meet Tifa.

Tifa : "T for tern. Hails from Inhambane where she was attacked by a beach dog that mangled her wing. She is growing stronger every day and should be able to fly away in about a month. Come and visit her in the science block.

Featuring Feathered Family at AISM: Meet BCC

This is BCC, not Blind carbon copy but Birdy Cheep Cheep. (Thanks for the name Jemma) She is a masked weaver from the big fever tree at the foyer of AISM and has been with us for 3 weeks now. She is growing strong and despite deformed feet is going to be a beautiful, strong member of her species. I suspect that she was thrown out of the nest because she could not walk. You can visit her at my class Science block room 2. Mr L.

Featuring Feathered Family at AISM

We are in the season for little birds dropping out of nests! Please take note of the advice displayed here.