Thursday, January 30, 2014

Philothamnus natalensis ( Natal green snake) at school this week

Look at the difference in the eye, The final picture in this post is a green Mamba (thank you Wikipedia), the pupil is clearly black with a green iris, while the previous three pictures of the Natal green snake that was found near the cafeteria today, show an entirely black eye with a light brown ring... can you see the difference? So here is my plea. Please let's learn the difference and stop killing innocent and harmless beauties that have a function to accomplish in our special environment.

We have a obligation to learn about, and to protect our environment. We cannot do that and call ourselves "openminded" (Hello IB learners) If we brand all snakes as demons.

Flap necked chameleon.

This week classes were entertained and informed by a lovely and shy member of the flap necked chameleon group who snacked on flies with his super accurate tongue, and generally amused squeamish kids with his two/three toe death grip. He was released to continue producing more chameleon generations.