Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A "Peachy" welcome back to school

Spring is bursting to break out with a multiplicity of delights. Welcome back to our awakening campus. If you noticed, our winter- flowering Aloes are handing over to the Clivias and the moths and beetles are stirring everywhere.

Keep your eyes peeled for ama-zing beauties like this African Peach moth Egybolis vaillantina. that was discovered on the lawn on front of the cafeteria by Jemma.

The Peach moth though awesomely handsome, should not be eaten (in case you were wondering). It is a clear case of warning color, (the bright orange juxtaposed against the dark shiny blue-green). These day-flying moths feed on a species of Sapindus or soap-berry that provides the toxin that keeps them safe.

Its interesting that the Masai of Kenya are also known to take in saponins from wild plants, and it is thought that the very low levels of serum cholesterol of this tribe is ascribable to the consumption of these herbs.

Please note that neither the moth or the soap berry plant should be consumed unadvisedly. Just enjoy the beauty that is about to unfold.
Len de Beer