Friday, May 17, 2013

Hyperolius marmoratus likes our school.(So do we.)

If you keep your eyes open while wandering around our school campus, at some stage, you are bound to come upon the most perfect “ plastic or wax” imitation frog perched precariously against a wall or a door, often in the blazing hot sun.

These adult frogs are engaging in an activity called aestivation, which is the summer version of hibernation. They go to “sleep”or become inactive to avoid high temperatures and the risk of drying out. They sometimes take up residence inside houses, concealing themselves behind wardrobes, pelmets, picture frames and in toilet cisterns, sitting, turned to stone, and contemplating the arrival of the princess (rain) whose kiss will restore them to frenzied activity.

“Marmoratus” means marbled, but the same individual frog can be a range of colors and patterns at different times of day, a general rule of thumb is that the hotter it is the whiter the frog. Our little Hyperolius marmoratus specimens indicate that although we have too little habitat with too few indigenous trees, we still have a reasonably clean and “livable” environment where these cute amphibians feel at home. Please continue to treat them as honored guests so that they feel welcome at AISM.
Thank you.
Mr. Len.